Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Story So Far...

Time flies but when people hold on to their old values, it’s tough to move forward in life. Being born and raised here in Montreal, it surely hasn’t been easy for me. I am still fighting with it in 2013 and I won’t give up until I succeed.

I am blessed to have grown up in an Indian family because I was taught the difference between the good and bad. I was asked to never cause harm to anyone because the same could happen to me. Without my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Between the years, I was sometimes exposed to this concept of women having less rights than men. However in the family I belong to, none of the men had such thinking because after settling down in Canada, they quickly learned that women and men have the same freedom. Thus, the men in my family encouraged the women to fulfill their wishes whether it was about learning how to drive a car or taking French classes. It’s only then that I realized that some women put themselves down because they are afraid of risks that may result in bad experiences. This is how they were raised in India.

As for me, I grew up with a mixture of Canadian and Indian values and I believed that I should aim high and try to keep my family’s head raised with pride. My father was always pushing me to go beyond my capacities because he wanted his daughter to get stronger. On the other hand, my mother too was happy but she wanted me to live an ordinary life without dreaming too big. The decision was then in my hands.

There came a day where my father passed away in an unexpected accident. Life had paused for me. It seemed as if I was getting nowhere in life. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I continued walking on this unknown path of life that was open in front of me. Little did I know but I was one of those who could work hard and make my dreams come true. This was and is the reason of my existence.

I struggled a lot with my mother because she believed that she was the only one to know what was right for me and she was afraid the world around me would influence me in a negative way. I didn’t use the best way to deal with this but I had to raise my voice. This was new to her: a daughter arguing with her mother for her freedom. At the same time, she was feeling my confidence and she knew that I was far from surrendering myself to what others are doing. Actions always speak louder than words and in a very short age, I had already done so many good deeds and never did anyone denounce me to my family because there was no negative bone inside of me. I just believed that I had the potential to make my dear ones’ and my life better and this is what I have been doing.

This is just the beginning and I know I will overcome this battle whether it will take me decades. My journey of life has taught me that women are indeed as strong as men and one just has to believe in it and take actions. I have also accepted this challenge because I don’t want to spend the rest of my days suffering in silence and to have others telling me what to do. I know who I am, I know what I want and I will rise and shine till the end…

Originally posted on PACESIX's blog on January 13th, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

"When you rise in life,
Your friends know who you are!"

"When you fall down,
You know who are your friends!"

Welcome to my blog!! It’s 2013 and I have decided this year to share my happy journey with all of you as I would like to spread some positivity around the world. Throughout my posts, you will know the big lines of my life but there are many little details that make me the Priya I am which I’ll be keeping for myself and my dear ones. That’s really how I am, I share my achievements with those who care for me such as my family and my friends. I myself give them my news as opposed to them finding through an acquaintance or through a social media network.

I am not a perfect human being and as they say you can never stop growing better, I am still growing. In my blog, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on certain aspects of life and I’d be very happy to hear from you as well. Who knows? Your feedback might help me get better in life and have a positive opinion on certain themes of life I am currently unhappy with, so if you have just a minute, please leave your comments.

Three words. Inspiration, motivation and evolution are the three concepts I will keep in mind while making my posts.

Inspiration – It’s always easy to surrender to what the majority around you are doing because this way you are easily accepted by others but have you ever thought of who you are on your own? Or is there someone in your circle of acquaintances who is not afraid of being unique? If so, then get to know that person and get inspired.

Motivation – Define some clear goals for yourself and set a timeframe to achieve them.  Having goals in life will make you feel like you have a purpose in life and that you're not just wasting your time doing nothing. Sometimes it takes years to reach goals but if you stay focused, you will eventually get there. Find your motivation

Evolution – Starting from your childhood days, you are set with restrictions but as you grow up, you get more freedom to discover the world. That’s exactly the purpose of life. You have to move forward from one stage to the next and not just pretend that you’re fully grown up, that you know everything and stop there. Come out from your routine and evolve to become a better person each day.

I grew up in mind with “If you have nothing good to say,  then don’t comment”, so I will try my best not to hurt anybody’s feelings and if I do, then I apologize in advance. You will not have to bear with me for too long. As I said it’s 2013 at the beginning, my objective so far is to make 13 posts before the end of the year (about one for each month) and since 2014 is far from now, I myself don’t know what my goals will be then. For now, keep in mind that I have my personal commitments and I am indeed busy with my small world but I will try to make time for this blog.

Thank you to all of you, my readers. I hope to make a little place in your heart and I hope to make you believe that being good can be rewarding in life. You're already halfway there when you appreciate someone good and if you do good, you will be someone that the world will look up to. It really doesn’t take much but you have to be truthful from your heart when doing a good deed. Do good to others and good things will come to you. It’s really that simple.