Sunday, June 16, 2013

Change... A New Vision Of Who You Can Grow To Be

We live in a world where change is the only constant. Your vision plays a crucial role in how you see changes. Things change, people also change and sometimes we just don’t take the time to realize all the changes that have occurred around us or even in ourselves. Life would be indeed boring if we were to stay at the same point and not have the chance to explore the different things life has to offer us. Thus, change is another interesting thing that is very subjective and it all depends on how you define it.

Ever since we are born in this world, we have all changed. Beside our physical appearance, our mentality has also evolved and a strong proof of that is that we all have let our childish habits go at one point whether it was asking our parents to tie our shoe laces or have them buy us all the cool toys just because our friends had them. Simple and silly examples, right? Well, did you really take the time back then to acknowledge that you weren’t childish but rather getting matured? I don’t think so. I know at least for myself when I was young, I didn’t really distinguish between being childish or behaving mature. I was just a child in my own world. Similarly as we grow up, we get busy with all our commitments and responsibilities, we don’t really take the time to acknowledge the changes that have occurred. The sad part about this is that sometimes we think that nothing around us has changed or that we are still the same when it’s actually not true at all.

We all need changes in our lives so that we feel like we are evolving from one point to another. I remember when I was younger; I was told that things will get better as I grow up. That seemed so far away and as time passed, I got impatient and thought it wasn’t true. To my surprise, I started appreciating my life but I wasn’t fully conscious about all the changes that had happened or were happening. There were times where I would be extremely happy and I really didn’t want anything more from life and other times where I was not happy at all. Everything was a mystery back in the days. Now that I think about it and I am sharing it with you here, I will admit that as you grow up, there are more doors that open for you which then translate to many more opportunities to explore life.

Life is not a competition with how far the world has come ahead, so live life at the pace it’s moving for you. Don’t rush because you’ll miss out on what the present has to offer you. Let me bring an example here. Nowadays, we often see girls of age 12 dressing up and wearing make-up as women of age 25. I personally feel bad for them because they are missing out on what it means to be carefree and not having to worry about their looks. They will have the rest of their lives to be and look like a woman once they become adults. I don’t think they realize it now but once they reach their twenties, they will feel like there’s nothing exciting left in their lives as they will be done experiencing too much at a young age. What they also need to understand is that it’s easy to act like a woman but it’s much harder to learn how to become one. This latter applies to guys also; looking like a man from outside when your inner thoughts don’t reflect that maturity will not take you far in life.

Changes are needed in life and some that make people happy could be listed as follows: travelling around the world, buying their own house or car, being in a relationship, getting a new job after every once in a while, completing a school degree,  following the latest fashion, doing any simple fun activity, etc. There’s no one better than you who knows what type of change is needed in your life, so find out more about your likes and dislikes. You absolutely don’t need anybody around you to tell you that this type of change would be good for you. You know what your limits are and your budget (if the change involves financial resources), so make your own decisions wisely. Now you may wonder if the changes I listed previously are the only changes that can make one happy. My answer is “No”.

Things change around us very quickly and constantly but the biggest change would be to change the thoughts in your mind. As I stated in my welcome post, growing as a better person never stops. There is no one who is perfect in this world. We all have strengths and weaknesses. The key element in changing yourself is to be aware of your weaknesses and finding ways to turn them into strengths. It’s not easy, sometimes it takes several years to understand and express in words what your weak points are. I’ve been through this and I was confused for so many years with my weaknesses. I was really unaware of some traits that were obstacles with the good human being I wanted to be. As soon as I found out what I didn’t like in myself, it was much easier for me to work on them. We need to change so that we can accommodate new things that happen in our lives. When we change, we find better or different ways to handle situations and this is crucial to be successful in life. Therefore, self-realizations are probably the best discoveries in life because they allow you to feel the changes in your mind and they truly make you feel good about yourself.

As we are exposed to different environments, we meet new people among which some affect us a lot. In other words, some people in this world really have the potential to change other people’s lives. They’re not only positive about themselves but they also recognize the good in others and they’re not afraid to help others evolve towards the better. There’s a saying by Michel P. Watson that I want you to always remember: “Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up.”, so whenever you come across someone who tries to put you down, that person is probably not strong enough.  It may be hard to believe (even I have a hard time believing in this) but there are still people who are selfless and are willing to help us by pointing out the best things in us. They are able to make us see that we have more strengths than weaknesses. It’s strange but when I least expected anything from people around me, they were always the ones who made me see the best in me. On the other hand, those from whom I expected a little support were the ones who made me face the “weak me” that I didn’t want to see. People in our lives are full of mystery. I personally wish that you are all surrounded by good and well-wisher people so that you can let go of those who are constantly looking in pointing out your weaknesses to you. You don’t want to develop self-esteem issues so keep a distance from selfish and heartless people. Some people will never change from the inside no matter how much things change in their lives, so just be cautious!

To sum up everything I just shared with you, change should be seen as something that makes you move forward in life and it must be for the better. Nothing is impossible and if you have a new vision of someone you want to be, then make the necessary efforts and become the new person you wish to be. Bring some changes to your life that will make you feel better and let the happy, strong and positive people take part in your journey as they will definitely add something valuable to your life.  

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  1. Thank you for your message Priya. Funny timing cause i needed to hear this message today...