Monday, October 14, 2013

Dreams, Goals and Hope... Enough To Live A Meaningful Life

There may be days when you get up in the morning and things aren’t the way you had hoped they would be. I am not sure if that’s your case but it is certainly my case and I still have a hard time dealing with that. Just recently I was going through that phase of life where I needed a break and I had to look back at my achievements of this year to keep moving forward in life. I asked myself what motivated me to start and achieve my goals and the first thought that came to my mind was dreams. Life’s circumstances have not always been how I thought they would be and I realize that I didn’t give up on life because deep inside of myself there was this hope that things will get better one day.

You need three things to give a purpose to your life: dreams, goals and hope. I think we all want to have the most beautiful life story and our attitude can make a huge difference. You may not get the best out of everything but if you give your best or make the best out of the situations in which you are, you are a winner. When life gets rough for you, try lifting up yourself with the fact that you’re dealing with all of that because you’re strong. I spent so many years complaining and trying to understand why couldn’t my life be an ordinary one and I realized that no matter how bad days I had, I didn’t give up as I didn’t want to be a loser at the end.

Dreaming is a process where we visualize how it would be and how it would feel to achieve those little or big desires we have in our heart. We don’t dream for nothing. Sometimes our subconscious mind is clearly telling us what’s in our heart and it just depends how we interpret the message delivered through our dreams. As you dream, you also give some peace to your mind. I know that I easily relieve myself from stress as I close my eyes and start imagining how happy I would be if I achieve this or that. It’s kind of a temporary satisfaction you get and once you connect back to your reality, you feel more peaceful. There’s also no limit when it comes to dreaming. You can almost imagine anything.

Setting goals is more like a next step after understanding your dreams. Be conscious and aware of your desires. You may have many dreams but now it’s time to make up your mind and work toward the goals you really want to achieve. Make some concrete goals. It’s always better to set a few goals and get them done than setting up too many goals and achieving nothing. Then, think about the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Start off with small steps in order to test yourself whether you’re ready for this or not. Don’t be afraid of trying new things even if you feel like you will get nowhere and always remember that slow progress is still progress. Patience is a big virtue you should possess when you’re working toward your goals because you just don’t know when or where you will reach them. When you’re working toward your goals, you’ll quickly realize that you have to work hard, you have to take a lot of risks and the way you deal with those risks will determine your outcome.

Hope is what will give you strength to keep moving forward in life. The journey of reaching your goals will not be as straightforward as you might have dreamed and that’s where hope will come in. I see hope as the transition from your dreams to your goals. A person who dreams will always have hope because after all hope is all about being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Obstacles will come on your way to your goals and hope is what will stop you from giving up. When everything around you falls apart, hope is what you don’t want to lose. Hope is also a gift you will get from those who believe in you. Speaking of myself, sometimes I reveal so little about myself to others and in the short time they spend with me, they give me so much hope that I start believing that I deserve good things coming to me.

I hope by now you were able to see a bit of connection between dreams, goals and hope. They are like three special ingredients to keep going in life. At least it is for me. There are many benefits for an individual who dreams and sets goals for himself. Having dreams and goals stimulate your mind along with increasing your confidence and building your strength. Your patience and your resistance not to give up are also put at test. Basically, you’re undergoing some better changes at that time. As you may be exposed to situations where things are not going as you wish, focusing your mental energy on one specific goal will not only relieve yourself from stress but also push bad situations and bad surroundings away from you. Isn’t it what you need for a healthy living after all? Dreams and goals really help you understand your true potential while hope makes you realize how much there is to believe in yourself.

Dreams and goals can also define you. I am not saying you should create tons of goals to stand out from the crowd but be someone people look up to. Share your exciting triumphs with your world because you don’t know who and when you’re inspiring someone to build his or her dreams. This way you will be spreading some hope and light in their lives. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t good at expressing my joy when it comes to my achievements but it’s something I am learning and the truth is that I am indeed very happy of my accomplishments because my goals helped me get the independent lifestyle I’ve been wanting and to present myself as a much more confident person to others than I was before. For me, taking care of myself without having anyone to look over me is one of my biggest priorities. I strongly dislike relying on others to enjoy life’s experiences. However my heart is big enough to let others take part in my life and to enrich their lives as much as I can. I also deal with my struggles in a very different way because I tend to sacrifice lots of desires of the moment for bigger rewards at the end.

Sometimes the paths we take are long and hard but those are always the ones that lead to the most beautiful views. In life, you’ll meet people that will lift you up and those who won’t. Your achievements may not be in the interest of everyone but if you come across people who have wise words for you, listen to their words and use them as encouragements to pursue your goals. Keep yourself headed in the direction that seems right to you. As for the other type of people, don’t let them decrease your self-esteem. Your journey will not make sense to many and that’s absolutely fine. As long as you have hope in your heart and you believe in your dreams, you’re good to achieve your goals and this will give a meaning to your life. Just don’t leave your dreams behind... 

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