Friday, December 13, 2013

What Appears To Be The End May Really Be A New Beginning

Happy Friday The 13th!! They say all good things come to an end and here we are, 2013 is about to end. I have mixed feelings today and I will be sharing with you my realizations of this year. Ups and downs were both part of my 2013 despite the fact that I had filled my mind with countless positive thoughts. As many of you would have already noticed, I enjoy writing and describing in words how I feel about every new experience. They say happiness comes in small packages and I truly believe in it and I was given the great opportunity to have witness it throughout this year. I don’t know if it’s right for me to say this but I feel like I got much more from life than I actually deserved. I am not trying to say that I wanted to suffer instead of having all these good things coming to me, I am just trying to say that it’s the first time in life that I felt like I have more than enough to live a good life and I really shouldn’t take for granted what I presently have.

This year was a beautiful one for me because my life wasn’t just about me; it was also about the people who were part of it. I can’t deny it but I did accomplish a lot of things this year because of the encouragement and the love I got from my family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances. I felt like as if I was just a little princess and everyone around me had their best wishes for me so that I make my life as beautiful as I’ve always wanted. I was really surrounded by selfless people and I always wondered if I’ll ever be able to do for them as much as they did for me. If not, then I hope God takes care of it and gives them some more happiness. For now, I just have my best thoughts for them when I think about them.

One of the best things that happened to me this year was to have more than one person telling me that “Hard work is paying off”. I don’t know how many people in my life find me genuine as of today but I am grateful to those who were happy for the life I finally got because of all the hard work I did the past years. I was glad to be an example of “Hard work pays off” because sometimes I thought of myself as good for nothing and the only hope I had at those times was to give my best so that I get rewarded one day for my hard work. It makes me happy that I was or still am an inspiration to those who are younger than me. “Hard work pays off” is just not a myth that we hear. Almost everything I have as of today is because of my sacrifices and struggles.

One of the mistakes I often made in the past years was to hold on things and people who were once part of my life. I never thought my thinking would change about that but this year as I repeated over to myself that by letting go, there will be room for better things and better people to come in my life; I have witnessed all of that coming to me. It’s crazy, I am not even joking. I had to share this one with you because it does take a lot of courage to let go of things that guarantee you comfort and to let go of people you love and care for and that they loved you so much once upon a time. If we want to try out new things, we have to step out from our comfort zone. As for the people who come and go from our lives, I can only say that you can’t hold anybody even if it’s a friend who was so close to you for years. The wise lies in keeping his or her best memories with you and to move on. You can’t force anyone to make time for you or to have that enthusiasm he or she had once when he or she was part of your life.

Just about few months ago, there was this thought that hit me: Am I as great as I seem to be throughout my blog posts? The answer turned out to be “no” and I was glad that I was that much honest with myself. Today I decided to clear that out here because there is indeed a difference between the writer of this blog and the Priya I am in real life. Blogging was one of my best accomplishments this year because it helped me distance myself from the bad experiences I had earlier in my life and to avoid all the negative thoughts. All the positive quotes and sayings I was reading throughout the year inspired me to write my blog posts and to build some peace in my mind. And it really did make me feel better. When I had no motivation, I would read my own blog posts and cheer up myself and even that worked out.

As of today, I don’t have all solutions to overcome the struggles that come to me. I could be wrong but I do feel sometimes that I have too much on my shoulders than I can actually carry. I really don’t feel inferior to anyone for saying this because I recognize how much I can do and what I can’t do. My mother and my siblings have always been my priority and I think they are the only ones for whom I would cross oceans. As for the closest friends and family I have, I don’t think I have ever jumped a big puddle for them but if they are still with me today, it’s probably because of their big heart, their patience and their trust in me. It’s a big realization and I acknowledge that those who are with me today are my biggest blessings.

My blogging journey of 2013 ends here and I really thank all of you who’ve read my posts even if it was only one throughout the year. I took lot of time to write these and I tried my best to share as much positivity I could because this way I attracted a lot of good things to me this year. I value your time for reading about me and I was very happy for all the positive feedback I got as my efforts didn’t go to waste. For the upcoming year, I wish you lots of new experiences and a lot of peace. Ups and downs will be always there but learn to make peace with yourself. You can’t have all at the same time. Make resolutions because they will make you feel like you have a purpose in life. You may not accomplish all of them to the degree of satisfaction you will wish to have but, you will then realize that you achieved far more than what you didn’t make it to. Don’t over-think, just let go of what was, appreciate what you have today and believe in what will be. May 2014 be a better year than 2013!! 

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