Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Get Inspired By Your Parents... And Keep Going For Them

Have you ever had a day or been in a phase where you just felt like nothing around you was fine and as you get drown in your thoughts, you felt like you have no energy to keep going in life? I don’t know the depth at which you’ve had such emotions but recently I got questionned as to what would be that one reason why I’d not give up on my life. I answered “my parents” to that. I am aware that there is negativity going around in real life and sometimes we think that just because we are far from how the average society lives, we think that giving up on our life is the solution. It’s really not. Life will always have its ups and downs but as the saying clearly states: the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why (by Mark Twain). To find out why you exist, you need to keep going in life, show patience toward life and believe that you exist here for a purpose.
Meanwhile, I believe your parents should be that one reason you move forward in life regardless of whether you have them with you or not. I won’t go in the details of how your mother might have carried you in her womb for nine months and/or how your father had to take care of your mother so that no harm was made to you as you breathe through your mother’s breath. We all know that that’s one huge struggle but what’s even bigger than that is all that your parents, two ordinary individuals, gave up to give you a life and to dedicate all their time and energy on you even before you were born. I know I am not the only one in this world but as years pass by, I realize how my parents really had to forget about their own wishes and give most of their time to raise me and take care of me and this goes on for a lifetime. Sometimes, parents forget "who they are" and how they want to live their lives just to give the best from the best to their children. Don’t think about giving up on your life when things get hard, think about what your parents gave up to make of you the person you are today. Always keep in mind that your life belongs more to your parents than you actually owning it.
I know that as we grow up, we tend to push ourselves away from them because they sometimes act like obstacles when we want to try certain experiences on our own and this sometimes create such big rifts between us and our parents. Nonetheless, behind this love-hate relationship we develop with our parents, the latter never wish for our bad, cannot see us falling down in life and will also cover for our mistakes at times because that’s really how parents show their love to us. We’re all growing, so are they. We need them so much when we are new to this world until we learn to become independent. As we distance ourselves from them, their thoughts about life change and it’s no longer what they sacrificed to bring us in the world that matters to them but all they want is to stay near us as they grow old.
It’s a privilege for most of you who have both of your parents. It’s a real blessing to have both your parents and you can trust my words because you cannot imagine how much I dream I had my father to see both my parents standing next to each other and to be able to make them feel that having me is one of their biggest rewards for all that they sacrificed for me. Even as of today, I feel like I get less sad about not having my dad but it hurts me much more when I hear that someone around is behaving like a stranger toward one or both of his or her parents. This is a situation I could never control because in trying to do so, I’d be an obstacle in their way and it’s supposed to be none of my business. It’s sad unfortunately. So if you can get the essence behind what I just tried saying, don’t take your parents for granted. There are so many, including me, who would trade their life just to get a life with both their parents.
Regardless of whether you have both your parents or just a single one, there are tons of ways to let them know that you realize what they mean to you. I feel slighlty guilty for advising this because I know that my mother and I almost never say “I love you” to each other because I sometimes tend to create trouble to her and I kind of carry a hate love relationship with her. Nonetheless it’s what I do more than how I express myself via negative words that counts and I do share a healthy and safe bonding with her. I don’t know how your circumstances are but I find that my situation is complicated and sometimes I feel like I need to confide my feelings about my mother to a third person, most often to my neighbours who share my mom’s age, and it’s only through them that my mom really gets to find out my genuine feelings for her. My sister, on the other hand, barely causes trouble to my mother, so my mother responds more positively to her in terms of communication. And as for my brother, being the kid he is, it’s easier for him to hug and kiss my mother anytime he wishes. We’re three siblings, loved by one mother and all three of us just convey our love in three different ways, and that’s it.
I could carry on and on on this topic because there is just so much to get inspired from our parents’ journey. When you get disheartening thoughts on your life because of whatever reasons, try to forget your insecurities and put yourself in your parents’ shoes. If you can feel their pain, I am sure you wouldn’t want to add more pain in their lives, so learn to take care of yourself at least for their sake. Take care of them, love them and show them that you’re not missing anything to be happy in life. Nothing makes parents happier than to see that their children are having a good life after all that they sacrificed.

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  1. Wow Priya! I am speechless once again! It's amazing how you're able to encapsulate every idea and thought and present it so eloquently and clearly! You've got a real talent for writing, keep it going ;)