Sunday, September 14, 2014

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

One of the realizations I made in my life journey is to think positive which then attracts positivity towards you. I may be wrong but I still see a lot of people’s opinions about how this fact is not true. However from my experience of just a year ago when I decided to get on this positivity mission, I have to admit that most of the good things that happened to me were based on my positive thinking. Today, I would be really happy if I can help anyone to change the quality of his or her life by simply starting to have positive thoughts in mind.

Reading positive quotes everyday has made a major impact on my life. It’s unbelievable how often I happened to read an inspiring quote to calm down myself for every little negative issue in my life. Or I would just have a dear one sharing an inspiring quote with me just to make me feel better and/or to have me keep going on in life. Then instead of focusing my energy on my problem, I was rather carried away to think deeply about the positive quote and this then just led me to find a peaceful solution to my life’s issues. They always say that you should do what makes you happy and not what you think is right. I believe there’s something in between these two and that’s peace. Being happy and sad is part of life and sometimes, it’s just not doing things that make you happy but doing things that make you peaceful can also take you to happiness. Therefore, next time when you see a positive quote, take a moment, breathe and try to see if what you just read can solve a current issue in your life, can help you think more positive or can help you become a better person than who you were yesterday. This advice may seem useless but remember that every minute spent on thinking positive adds up to a lot of positivity in your life, so have faith in this little mindful exercise.

When it comes to your goals whether they are on a personal or professional level, having a positive attitude can help a lot. Speaking of myself, I used to doubt myself a lot in the past as to whether I’ll achieve my goals or not, but I always put as much effort as I could and I stay focused towards them. This way, my combined positive energy has outweighed my fear of not succeeding and this has eventually led me to the doors of success I have been looking for.  I still look back at my achievements and still acknowledge the fact that what seemed impossible turned out to be possible. Do not mistake having a positive attitude with being over confident. Giving your best or trying as much as you can does not necessarily mean you’ll always reach success. It’s very important for you to be flexible and understand that in the case of failure, you shouldn’t over-think about your efforts going into waste, just let it go as you cannot control every single thing of your life. Some things are just not meant to be and we cannot have everything we want the way we wish for. Therefore, take the time appreciate what you achieve and be proud of all of the little efforts you put in towards them. Having a positive attitude towards your goals can be actually translated as to how you value your goals and how much you care to put the necessary work to reach them. Be honest with yourself and set goals that make you happy on the long term.

One of the most beautiful things about life is that we are surrounded by people and as they say that your travel destination is not important but rather who you are with makes a huge difference. If you want to be treated nicely by others, start by treating others nicely. Don’t wait for the other person to do a kind gesture for you first because the actual winner is always the one who makes an initiative. I’ll share a personal fact about myself here. I genuinely enjoy lifting up people’s spirit because I like to make people feel important in this world and at the same time, I acknowledge their presence in my life. I compliment others and I remind them regularly about the good human beings they are. I also take the time to be happy of their progress in life when a new chapter of their lives starts. The reason why I do this is because some of them have inspired me to be like them (develop more confidence, be open-minded, stay relaxed, etc) and I am aware that life is just not about me and in fact, everyone has a right on their share of happiness, so why not emphasize on their efforts for their personal goals as well?

A lot of people seem surprised when I have nice words to share with them but I try not to over-think about them thinking that I may be just spreading those words to make myself look good. I try to choose my words carefully (but I’m not always successful) and if it makes a positive impact on that person, I call that a “win” because when I’m given a compliment, I acknowledge it and try to ensure that quality stays with me as it’s part of the good human being I strive to be. On the other hand, I have people in my life who do thank me for constantly encouraging and/or complimenting them because they need those reminders at times to keep going on. I can totally relate myself with them because it’s not the attention from the others that I seek but it’s rather that every kind word from others motivates me to try to become a better human being day after day. That being said, be positive towards others and you will see most of them will give you back that positive energy and you’ll be just filling each other’s lives with positivity. As for those who can’t acknowledge your little kind gestures, don’t hate them (negative energy), let it go (positive energy that can be used to make someone else happy) and hopefully those who can’t appreciate your presence in their lives will get a lesson from your absence (or rather the absence of your kind gestures) in their lives one day.

One rule of thumb I want you to remember in all the ideas I have shared is that this exercise of “positivity attracts positivity” will only work if you believe in it. It doesn’t hurt to try. Forget the person filled with negative thoughts that you were if you have been one. Just get started whenever you want to and think about happy things as often you can, say positive words, turn negative thoughts into positive ones. You've had a bad day; just remind yourself that it’s just a bad day and not a bad life. The quality of your life will only change if you are positive toward life. Our thoughts have a lot of power, more than we realize it and that’s why it’s important to fill our mind with as much as positivity as we can. I’ll bring up another simple personal example: I grew up thinking that I was unlucky for contests since I was a kid and before every draw, I’d tell people around that “I never win in these things.” When I stopped carrying the idea of “I never win contests” with me about a year ago, it’s silly but I have been winning prizes at different draws, and people around were amazed and would tell me that I am one lucky person. I really don’t know if it was luck or not but I did realize that the more I think in an optimistic way, the more I allow positive opportunities to catch me. It’s just that simple!

I think I have covered pretty much the main ideas I wanted to share about how your thoughts create your reality. It’s not an easy exercise, it takes times and if you are honest to yourself, chances are that you’ll get the positive life you dream for yourself. Being positive does not mean that you should be always giving away positive energy around. Know your limits and if something does not work the way you want it to be, try not to have negative thoughts about it or if you do, remind yourself that you have to let go of what you can’t have full control over and it’s time to move on to the next page. Your thinking will always play a crucial role in the unfolding of events in your life, so don’t underestimate the power of any little positive thought. Also distance yourself from any negativity. To sum up everything in one line, I’ll refer you to Marcus Aurelius’s words: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” Change your thoughts for the better and then just watch your life changing...

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