Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Moderation is always good and today's post is exactly about why time spent alone moderately is beneficial for growth. The reason why I decided to write on this topic is simply because I feel like most people associate alone time with being lonely and I wish to shed some light on how spending time can be good for ourselves. In the following paragraphs, I will be discussing the main advantages of spending alone time which are: clearing our mind, reconnecting with ourselves and developing more self-confidence.

First, alone time allows us to relax ourselves and recharge our batteries. One may argue that this attribute describes mostly introverts but alone time can surely benefit extroverts from time to time. Being part of today's society has made many of us believe that we must always go after what we want and keep moving on to the next goal set. We have yet to learn that resetting our focus is the key to be productive and proactive in order to achieve a goal. Not doing anything does not mean that we are wasting our time. Not doing anything means that we are not pressuring our brain to think for a task that needs to be completed. Instead, we are letting our brain relax and empty any irrelevant information stored in. This type of relaxing is crucial to clear our mind. We can also slow down if we have been carried away in a fast paced type of life. Renewed energy is key to keep moving forward in life.

Second, the biggest advantage of alone time is probably getting the time and space to reconnect with ourselves. Alone time means we get the time to think about things happening around us and to think for ourselves without any distraction from the outside world. When there is peace around, we get to listen to our inner voice. We get to connect with the real person inside of us. It's the time when we do not need to think about pleasing or worrying about another person. We are free to do whatever we like and to ponder what we dislike. There is no one around to judge us whether we are listening to an unpopular music, watching a cartoon movie being an adult or wearing a pair of cartoon pajamas. It's a privilege having the chance to think for ourselves. Also, there is no competition involved when we are alone so we get to set the pace at which we want to do something. Alone time allows us to explore the endless possibilities we have for ourselves. Afterall, we are the CEO of our life journey.

Third, alone time helps to develop more self-confidence. We also learn to require less self-validation from others. It's one thing to be socially approachable and another one to be dependent on others to make the most out of our lives. From real life to social media interactions, we unconsciously grow up thinking that getting approvals and praises from others is what we need to have our existence validated. However, that is not true. We must believe in ourselves first as often as we can and not build our confidence on what other people think of us. Alone time teaches us to detach ourselves from others from time to time. We then get to reflect on how we feel about ourselves and to work on ourselves so that we can feel good in our skin. Once again, confidence plays a big role in helping us shape the life we dream for ourselves so we must make time and work on building our confidence.

To conclude, I hope this post has helped you understand the key benefits of spending time alone. This must not be confused with feeling lonely which is being surrounded by people and not having himself or herself understood and/or his or her presence acknowledged by others. Alone time allows us to relax, think for ourselves and helps us build our confidence. As explained in one of my previous posts, balance is the key to a successful life. We definitely live in a world where interacting with others is necessary but it is for us to make a switch to some alone time so that we can balance out alone time and our interactions with others.

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