Saturday, August 13, 2016

Interacting With Others Is Crucial To Our Personal Growth

Though alone time is good in moderation, spending time with people can indeed be fulfilling and nourishing for our personal growth. I believe that spending time with people can provide us with so many enriching adventures and it is definitely an escape for people who spend more alone time and slip into an overthinking cycle. In the following paragraphs, let's explore the advantages of spending time with others. The primary benefits of interacting with others are: the feeling we get for being appreciated, the support we get to pursue our goals, the new sense of perspective we get and the possibility to add value in other people's lives.

First, there is something special about having a circle of family and friends close to us. They are the ones who know our flaws, our strengths and what makes us different from others. They appreciate our presence in their lives and these are positive vibes we must cherish. Sometimes, we may feel that we are good for nothing but the truth is that we are worth more than we think and we genuinely matter to some people. That's why when someone values us, we should reflect on our positive attributes and look for the good in us. People with whom we spend time bring the best in us and unconsciously, they are the ones motivating us to become a better version of ourselves and to be an example for others. Speaking of myself, when I feel appreciated by my surroundings, I automatically stop focusing on my weaknesses and I take a moment to be more kind to myself and be grateful for having such amazing people who believe in me.

Second, having a supportive network of people can open new doors for us to make our life journey more meaningful and interesting. No success has ever been achieved alone and therefore, exchanging our preferences with other people may someday provide us with opportunities that are crucial in the life path we are aiming for. Not just that but we need close people to share our success with. On the other hand, if we fall down, then we need people on whom we can count so that they can help us get back up. Obviously, we do not need to confide our goals to every single person we meet but once in a while, we meet trustworthy and reliable people who may encourage us to pursue our goals or to set new goals in life. It's such a privilege having people in our lives who care about our journey as well. To be honest with you, there aren't many such people in this world but the ones I have met, I have kept them very close to me. I may see them once a year and they are continuously pushing me to go for the best opportunities available.

Third, people we spend time with may give us a new sense of perspective on life. As we unknowingly remain in our comfort zone for a long time, we may not be paying attention to different opportunities that are around us and sometimes it takes another person to make us see things from a different angle. We have two ears and one mouth. We should use them in that ratio. We learn more when we listen than when we talk. Sometimes, it is enriching listening to other people's life journey and adventures as we may be inspired to follow their good gestures or we may learn from their mistakes. Once again, it's a blessing in disguise if we have people who understand our point of view and try to make us understand that there is another way to do or see things. As we expand our thinking, we are the winners as we gain more resources to make the best of our life journey.

Fourth, there is no better feeling than offering a part of our heart to and investing our time for others. We are usually focused on our needs that sometimes we may not be realizing that we could be adding value to someone else's life or simply brightening their day. Making others feel special and letting them know that we appreciate their presence in our lives are little gestures that surely increase our worth and make us feel good as well. I personally don't believe I should be kind to everyone but there are people in my life that I want to be there for during their best and difficult days, and that's my definition of kindness. I love celebrating my family and friends' joys and similarly, I embrace their vulnerability when their days are filled with clouds. We are blessed with more than we think, so if we are in a situation where our efforts and time could help someone or add value in his or her life, these are the opportunities we must not let go.

At last but not least, one must always remember that we become who we spend time with. So be cautious! Sometimes we just don't click with certain people whereas with others, we feel the strong vibes coming in our direction. If that's the case, then these are the people with whom we should build a connection and the previously listed reasons will emerge. Spending time with people can benefit other people as much as ourselves, it goes in both directions. Energies are contagious, so always beware of the energy you are spreading around. Everyone wants to have the best for themselves. Therefore, when people are drawn to us, it is most likely because they find something appealing in us and they are also willing to share their spark with us. This is how we grow, build memories with people and make the world a better place to live in. 

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