Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Art of Mastering Patience

Do you set higher expectations for yourself? Do you think that you behave like your own biggest enemy? Do you get upset when things don't go your way? Sometimes, it can be interesting to set the bar higher than our limits because we may come out as true winners by overcoming the obstacles on our way. But other times, this can lead to our own destruction. Today, I am delighted to share with you a post on one of the most important keys to a successful life: patience. Patience is just not the ability to wait but also the ability to remain calm with a positive attitude. The one who knows how to be patient in life knows the meaning of life. There are certain areas in which I excel as a human being but I must admit that I'm struggling a lot in developing patience so this is one of the reasons why I am dedicating today's post to this topic. In order to learn to be patient, let's explore the benefits of being patient because once the mind is convinced, the ways to become patient will automatically follow. 

The first advantage of being patient is achieving peace in our lives which is very crucial for our health. There's no better person than us who can understand how to take care of our mind and body. When we're feeling peaceful with the life we are living, this translates into a strong immune system. We live in a world where things happen at a fast pace and if we don't decide to slow down, life will always feel like a race when it's not. Let some events unfold on its own and do yourself a favor: let your mind rest and let it be responsibility-free from time to time. If needed, do some yoga or start stress-free hobbies (activities that awaken your creativity for example).

The second advantage of having a calm mind is to have more control over ourselves. No one likes to lead a life which he or she cannot guide. When we are patient, we can acknowledge the circumstances around us and choose how we want to react. Being patient allows us to make better and thoughtful decisions. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react. When we are patient, we have the privilege to direct our life the way we want to. When we get impatient, anxious and/or irritated, our brain basically shuts down and as a result, we act without thinking. One technique I could suggest to improve this is that you first acknowledge that you are angry and then take a deep breath and tell yourself that you still have control over yourself.

The third advantage of being patient is that we are able to make the most out of our lives. Some people always seem happy, don't they? That's because they have trained their mind to see the good in life and to not let negative situations affect them. We all want a happy life and the happiness of our life depends on the quality of our own thoughts. When we remain calm with a positive attitude, we take away the power of negative energy and/or obstacles to discourage or disappoint us.  Life is too short to put up with bad vibes. If you think you're living in an atmosphere that adds no value to your life, you are free to walk away from such environment or surroundings and you must do so. Go wherever you need to that will make you feel better and allow you to make the best out of your life. 

The fourth advantage of being patient is that we spread a positive energy in the universe and that makes it easier for life to offer us the right opportunities and to fulfill some of our wishes. Here, the law of attraction works. When we keep a positive attitude while waiting, we allow good things to attract us and come our way. That's almost like a reward. On the other hand, if we behave impatiently, life will not grant our wishes as it will first want to teach us how to be patient. I suggest you remember this motto: "You attract what you think" so whenever you set a new goal, don't think about how you will make it and/or how long it will take you to achieve it but believe that you can achieve it whenever it's meant to. Show life that you are resilient and that you can wait for the best to happen to you.

To end this post, I admit that this may look like it was easy for me to write but as I wrote every single sentence, I realized how difficult it can be to apply in real life. When I look back at my own struggles, I truly realize that had I been patient, my life could have been different and better today. I know it's still not late for me to learn from my mistakes and I have a chance to become wiser. That being said, I hope this post will shed some light on how mastering patience can improve the overall quality of your life. Take control of your life and remember, for every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness (Ralph Waldo Emerson). The key to your happiness simply lies in being patient.

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